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About us

About Furniture&Decore; brings you a daily dose of inspiration in interior design. Trends, styles talked about, functional and practical solutions and tips for a nicer home, garden, cottage or busines…

-We want to help people decide what they need or want in ther home or their surroundings. Here you can find help or ideas on what kind of furniture is good for your home, gardn or bussnies. Decorate your home in modern design and trends.

Our goal

Our site is intended for everyone who wants to make creative changes, diversity and improve the functionality of their home, whether it starts with an unfinished space or the intention of just refreshing the space. With About Furniture&Décor you will get tips that will help you save time and money.

The goal is to encourage, or help everyone to realize that interior design does not have to be complicated but very creative and fun!


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